SeNSS Collaborative Student Phase Intakes

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Project 1: Count Me In! Developing and analysing the efficacy of pedagogical strategies for those providing music education to children with special abilities and needs using the Sounds of Intent framework of musical development

Prof. Adam Ockelford (University of Roehampton; Education)

Project 2: Computational modelling of team foraging to understand human behaviour and cognition

Dr Alasdair Clarke (University of Essex; Psychology)

Project 3: Understanding the processes by which patient safety experts impact patient safety goals and culture at the Great Ormond Street Hospital

Prof. Amit Nigam (City, University of London; Business and Management Studies)

Project 4: What is mindfulness? Development of a cross-cultural consensual definition and a cross-cultural measure of mindfulness

Prof. Clara Strauss (University of Sussex; Psychology)

Project 5: Autism and Biophilia: the impact of natural scenes on anxiety

Dr Clare Melvin (University of East Anglia; Psychology)

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Project 6: Understanding interdependence in early adulthoods: Learning from care experienced young people who participated in Lifelong Links

Prof. Janet Boddy (University of Sussex; Social Work and Social Policy)

Project 7: Evaluating the efficacy and mechanisms of action of app-based audio tools for improved sleep health in working adult populations: Sleep skills, sounds and stories

Prof. Kate Cavanagh (University of Sussex; Psychology)

Project 8: Climate Risks, Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Lending

Melanie Luhrmann (Royal Holloway, University of London; Economics)

Project 9: Situation awareness during the live operation of remote vehicles

Prof. Polly Dalton (Royal Holloway, University of London; Psychology)

Project 10: The role of partner support in chronic disease outcomes

Dr Veronia Lamarche (University of Essex; Psychology)

Project 11: Does being multilingual protect children from the effects of social disadvantage?

Prof. Holly Joseph (University of Reading; Education)